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  • Power equipment and circuit test

    Engineering services

    Scope of application :

    Test necessity: can effectively eliminate the insulation aging, equipment aging, lightning protection facilities, comprehensive protection and other power safety hazards in the power distribution network, effectively prevent the occurrence of power accidents.
    product details
      High and low voltage switchgear and transformer,as the main equipment of power system substation operation,are very important for the safe and stable operation of power system.In order to ensure the standardization and reliability of product quality,strict inspection and ex-factory test are the primary guarantee for safe operation of power equipment.According to the guidance and Suggestions of safety specifications,the company provides customers with testing and inspection services of electrical equipment before power or periodically.
      The company has a professional test team and excellent test equipment,through intelligent management,to achieve efficient,safe,economic power test services.
      Test necessity:can effectively eliminate the insulation aging,equipment aging,lightning protection facilities,comprehensive protection and other power safety hazards in the power distribution network,effectively prevent the occurrence of power accidents.
      Project content:(issue test report)
      1.Routine annual inspection test and preventive test;
      2.Characteristic test:
      (1)partial discharge detection of switch cabinet
      (2)relay protection and debugging project
      (3)cable fault troubleshooting project.
      Power and electric test mainly includes dc resistance test,transformer capacity test,transformer ratio test,power frequency withstand voltage test,induction withstand voltage test,empty load test,no load current test,noise,layout discharge,insulation resistance,temperature rise circuit breaker test,switch breaking and closing ability test,power frequency overcurrent protection test.

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