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    Prefabricated substation

    Scope of application :

    It is suitable for urban public power distribution, industrial and mining enterprises, buildings, residential areas, hotels, parks and construction sites, etc. It is used for receiving and distributing electric energy in the power distribution system.
    product details
      An overview,
      YB series pre-installed substation is a compact complete set of power distribution equipment combining high-voltage electrical equipment,transformer,low-voltage electrical equipment,etc.,which is used in urban public power distribution,industrial and mining enterprises,buildings,residential areas,mountainous areas,hotels,parks and construction sites,etc.,as a power distribution system to receive and distribute electric energy.
      It has the characteristics of strong package,small volume,compact structure,safe and reliable operation,convenient maintenance,and moveable,which can realize ring network and terminal power supply mode.This product conforms to GB/t17467-2010"high voltage/low voltage pre-installed substation"standard requirements.
      Ii.Environmental conditions
      1.Ambient temperature:maximum temperature+40℃,minimum temperature-25℃;The average temperature within a 24-hour period does not exceed+35℃.
      2.Environmental humidity:daily average is no more than 95%and monthly average is no more than 90%;
      3.Altitude:below 1000m;
      4.Earthquake resistance;The horizontal acceleration of the earthquake shall not be greater than 0.4m/s2,and the vertical acceleration shall not be greater than 0.2m/s2.
      5.The daily average steam pressure shall not exceed 2.2kpa,and the monthly average shall not exceed 1.8kpa;
      6,the surrounding air should not contain corrosive or flammable gases,steam and other obvious pollution;
      7.Places free from serious pollution and frequent violent vibration;
      In case of use beyond normal environmental conditions,it shall be negotiated by the user and the manufacturer.
      Iii.Model and meaning
      Iv.Product design features
      High side
      The pre-installed high-voltage side of the substation generally adopts load switch-fuse combination electrical protection,and the three-phase linkage trip after the fuse breaks in any phase;Load switches are optional,such as compressed air,vacuum,sulfur hexafluoride,etc.,and can be equipped with electric operating mechanism to achieve automatic upgrading;The fuse is high voltage current limiting fuse with impactor,with reliable action and large breaking capacity.For transformers above 800KVA,vacuum circuit breaker protection is also available.
      Low voltage side
      Switch cabinets such as GGD,GCK,MNS and GCS can be used as output units on the low-voltage side.The main switch on the low-voltage side adopts universal or intelligent circuit breaker.Intelligent automatic tracking reactive compensation control device with contactor and contactless switching mode for users to choose.
      Low loss,oil-immersed,fully sealed S9,S10,S11 series transformers,or resin insulated dry type transformers can be used.
      1,pre-installed substation consists of high-voltage room,transformer room and low-voltage room,can be arranged into subtype or product type;
      2,with terminal,ring network or dual power supply mode;
      3,can be made into a single or double transformer power supply scheme;
      4,can choose oil-immersed power transformer and dry power transformer;
      5,"five defense"blocking function is complete,easy operation and maintenance,safe and reliable operation.
      6.The shell material is stainless steel,aluminum alloy,cold-rolled plate,composite plate,non-metallic material or a combination of the two.With firm,heat insulation and ventilation,dust-proof,moisture-proof,anti-aging,flame-retardant,easy maintenance and other characteristics.
      7.The top cover of the box is designed as a double-layer structure,and the interlayer is filled with foam plastic,which has a good heat insulation effect.The high and low pressure rooms are designed with independent roof plates inside.The transformer is equipped with anti-condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring,heating and cooling devices.
      8.The box body adopts natural ventilation,which can also strengthen forced ventilation equipment.Dustproof device is installed on the outside of door plate and side plate corresponding to the position of shutter.
      9,substation protection performance is perfect,easy to operate,high and low voltage metering can be selected,can be equipped with automatic reactive power compensation device according to user requirements.
      10,small size,light weight,beautiful appearance and environmental coordination
      11.The high-voltage ring network cabinet can be equipped with automatic terminal(RTU)to realize high detection of short-circuit-level single-phase grounding fault,with the function of"four remote",which is convenient for automatic upgrading of distribution network.
      Main technical parameters
      Instructions for ordering
      1.Model,capacity,quantity,color and dimension requirements,shell materials.
      2.Transformer type,performance,connection group,connection range and impedance requirements.
      3.Primary wiring scheme,component model,specification and requirements for high and low voltage testing.
      4,intelligent power management or property management on the box substation network configuration requirements.
      5.Operating environment requirements.
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