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  • KYN 61-40.5 armoured removable ac metal enclosed switchgear

    Air insulated switchgear

    Scope of application :

    Suitable for three-phase ac rated voltage 40.5kv, rated frequency 50Hz power system.
    product details
      An overview,
      Kyn61-40.5 armoured open-type ac metal-enclosed switchgear(hereinafter referred to as switch cabinet)is suitable for three-phase ac rated voltage 40.5kv,rated frequency 50Hz power system,mainly used in power plants,substations and industrial and mining enterprises.For receiving and distributing electrical energy and controlling,protecting and monitoring circuits.In addition to widely used in general electric power systems,but also used in frequent operation sites.
      Kyn61-40.5 switchgear configuration excellent performance ZN85A,ZN85B vacuum circuit breaker or schneider SF1,SF2 or ABB HD4 or arles FP series sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker.The cabinet body adopts the assembly structure,improves the appearance quality and the manufacturing precision,and has the perfect"five guard"function.This product complies with GB3906"3~35kV ac metal closed switch equipment",GB/T11022"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard sharing technical requirements",IEC60298"rated voltage above 1KV 52KV and below ac metal closed switch equipment and control equipment",IEC60694"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment sharing terms"and other standard requirements.
      Ii.Conditions of use
      1.Upper limit of ambient air temperature:+40℃,lower limit:-10℃,daily average temperature not exceeding 35℃;
      2.The altitude is no more than 1000 meters;
      3.The daily average relative environmental humidity is no more than 95%,and the monthly average is no more than 90%;
      4,the earthquake intensity does not exceed 8;
      5.The daily average steam pressure shall not exceed 2.2kpa,and the monthly average shall not exceed 1.8kpa;
      6.Places free from fire,explosion,serious pollution,chemical corrosion and violent vibration.
      Note:users can negotiate with us if the above conditions are exceeded.
      Iii.Model meaning
      4.Structural features
      Insulation methods such as thermal shrinkage and epoxy coating are adopted to optimize the shape of electrodes,making the cabinet compact in structure and small in floor area.
      The cabinet body structure is assembled by aluminum and zinc plate,and the circuit breaker is floor structure of handcart.
      It is equipped with new type of composite insulated vacuum circuit breaker or sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker,and has the characteristics of good interchangeability and easy replacement.
      A screw nut driving mechanism is installed in the frame of the handcart,which can easily move the handcart and prevent damage to the driving structure due to wrong operation.
      All operations can be carried out when the cabinet door is closed.
      The interlocks between the main switch,the circuit breaker handcart,the grounding switch and the cabinet door all adopt the mandatory mechanism locking mode,which satisfies the"five prevention"function and is safe and reliable.
      The functional compartments of the switch cabinet are separated by metal partitions,and there are independent pressure relief channels for the circuit breaker room,bus room and cable room.
      Switch cabinets have strong structural adaptability,diverse schemes,and can meet the requirements of different users;
      There is enough space in the cable room to connect multiple cables.
      The protection grade of the shell is IP3X.When the door of the handcart room is open,the protection grade is IP2X.
      Technical parameters
      Instructions for ordering
      The user needs to provide the following information when ordering
      1.Primary route master plan number,arrangement plan and layout plan;
      2.Electrical schematic diagram of secondary circuit and terminal arrangement diagram;
      3.Model,specification and quantity of electrical components of switchgear;
      4.List of necessary spare parts;
      5.Color of cabinet(according to company standard if not required)
      6.If there are special requirements,users can negotiate with our company to solve.

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