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  • GBC-40.5 handcart type metal enclosed switchgear

    Air insulated switchgear

    Scope of application :

    It is suitable for three-phase ac 50Hz single bus system to receive and distribute 35KV network power.
    product details
      An overview,
      Gbc-40.5 high voltage switchgear is a complete set of indoor power distribution equipment,which is suitable for three-phase ac 50Hz single bus system to receive and distribute electric energy of 35KV network.Optional little oil circuit breaker or vacuum circuit breaker.
      This product complies with GB3906"3~35kV ac metal closed switch equipment",GB/T11022"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard sharing technical requirements",IEC60298"rated voltage above 1KV 52KV and below ac metal closed switch equipment and control equipment",IEC60694"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment sharing terms"and other standard requirements.
      Ii.Conditions of use
      1.Upper limit of ambient air temperature:+40℃,lower limit:-10℃,daily average temperature not exceeding 35℃;
      2.The altitude is no more than 1000 meters;
      3.The daily average relative environmental humidity is no more than 95%,and the monthly average is no more than 90%;
      4,the earthquake intensity does not exceed 8;
      5.The daily average steam pressure shall not exceed 2.2kpa,and the monthly average shall not exceed 1.8kpa;
      6.Places free from fire,explosion,serious pollution,chemical corrosion and violent vibration.
      Note:users can negotiate with us if the above conditions are exceeded.
      Iii.Model and meaning
      Iv.Main features:
      The product is composed of two major parts of the cabinet and the handcart.The front of the cabinet,between the cabinets and the terminals on both sides of the cabinet are protected by steel plate door or metal sealing plate.
      The electrified body of the product is mainly air insulation,the insulation distance between the electrified body and the phase is not less than 300mm,only the individual parts of the cabinet,the phase spacing is not enough to set the insulation interval;
      The bottom of the handcart room is the handcart track,and a positioning mechanism board is welded on the inside of the track for the handcart to push and pull out.A grounding contact piece is welded on the outside of the track(the handcart touches the ground through this contact piece through the cabinet).
      In order to ensure the correctness of operation procedures,this type of switchgear is equipped with mechanical or electrical interlocks;
      According to the purpose,the handcart is divided into six categories:circuit breaker,three-phase and single-phase voltage transformer,lightning arrester,isolation and transformer used.All kinds of handcarts are equipped with identification devices to ensure that the same type of handcarts can be exchanged,while different types of handcarts cannot be exchanged.
      V.main technical parameters:
      Vi.Ordering instructions:
      The following information should be provided when ordering
      1.Product model,serial number of first-time wiring scheme or first-time system diagram.
      2.Schematic diagram of secondary circuit and terminal arrangement diagram;
      3.Name,specification,model,quantity and technical parameters of primary and secondary components;
      4.Switch cabinet layout plan;
      5.Color of cabinet(according to company standard if not required)
      6.If there are special requirements,negotiate with the manufacturer to solve.
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