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    Top Ten Electrical Brand Recommendations in China

      When it comes to electricity,many people confuse it with electrical appliances.In fact,electricity and electrical appliances are completely different concepts.Electricity is a general designation in the fields of electrical energy production,transmission,distribution,use,electrical equipment manufacturing and other disciplines or engineering.It is a science that uses electric energy,electrical equipment and electrical technology as means to create,maintain and improve confined space and environment,covering the conversion,utilization and research of electric energy,including basic theory,applied technology,facilities and equipment,etc.From this point of view,electricity is not as simple as what we think.I think most consumers don't know much about electricity,unless people working in factories with a certain scale and machinery and equipment have a certain understanding of electricity,so here's a brief introduction to the current ten major electrical brands in our country.of course,the reason for the ten major brands is not random.maigoo,China's ten major brands network,has professional introduction in this field.if you have any demand or interest in this field,you can learn about it.
      1.GE(in 1892,one of the world's largest cross-industry technology/manufacturing enterprises and one of the world's valuable brands,General Electric(China)Company)
      2.Shanghai Electric(Shanghai Electric Group Co.,Ltd.,one of the largest enterprise groups in China's equipment manufacturing industry and a leading brand in the equipment manufacturing industry,has strong scientific research and development capabilities)
      3.Dongfang Electric(in 1958,China Dongfang Electric Group Co.,Ltd.,one of the very large enterprises engaged in power generation equipment manufacturing and power station project contracting,was a wholly state-owned enterprise)
      4.Schneider(Schneider Electric(China)Co.,Ltd.,a global energy efficiency management expert with a history of more than 170 years,specializing in power and automation management)
      5.Xidian XD(founded in 1959,China's large-scale and complete set of high-voltage power transmission and distribution equipment and other electrical products manufacturing base,xd group Company of China)
      6.Siemens(founded in 1847 in Germany,one of the world's largest electromechanical/electrical engineering and electronics companies,one of the world's top 500 companies,Siemens(China)co.,ltd.)
      7.ABB(formed by the merger of two 100-year-old international enterprises,the world's top 500 power and automation technology leader,a multinational enterprise,ABB(China)Co.,Ltd.)
      8.CHINT chint(founded in 1984,China's large-scale low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturer and domestic low-voltage electrical appliance industry leader,Zhejiang chint electrical appliance co.,ltd.)
      9.Daquan(national protected trademark,high-tech enterprise,world leading manufacturer of low-voltage complete sets of electrical appliances,domestic first-rate high-speed railway system integration manufacturer,Daquan Group)
      10.TEPCO(China Transformer Product Development Base,Key Core Enterprise of Major Equipment Manufacturing Industry,High-tech Enterprise,State Protected Trademark,TEPCO Co.,Ltd.)
      Dongfang Electric-Dongfang Electric Group is one of the 53 key state-owned key enterprises that have affected the national insurance and the citizen economy as determined by the center.It is a wholly state-owned enterprise that the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council has agreed to restructure and establish.Talking about the internationalization route of Chinese enterprises,people think of IT enterprises such as Huawei and Lenovo first,while the overseas route of Dongfang Electric Group is another bumpy one.As a national base for the localization of major technical equipment,Dongfang Electric is currently developing clean energy sources such as nuclear power and wind power.It has formed a product format of"combining the five power sources".It has the ability to develop,design,manufacture,sell,supply equipment and general contract power plant projects for large-scale hydropower,thermal power,nuclear power,wind power,gas turbine and other power generation equipment.
      Shanghai Electric-Shanghai Electric(Group)Corporation is the first equipment manufacturing group in China's machinery industry.On December 30,2008,Shanghai Electric won the"China Competitive Brand"award and became a strong brand in the mobile phone industry,winning widespread praise from consumers,relying on its good brand industry leadership and brand public awareness(good brand impression and brand vitality)in the selection of the"2008 World Brand Value Laboratory Annual Award"organized by the world's authoritative brand value research institution,the World Brand Value Laboratory.
      China xd-China xd group Company(formerly"Xi'an Electric Machinery Manufacturing Company")was established in July 1959.It is a large-scale enterprise group with scientific research institutes and key enterprise groups as the core,integrating scientific research,development,manufacturing,trade and gold,developed on the basis of 5 of 156 key construction projects during the"Tenth Five-Year Plan"period in China.In 2003,Xidian Company became the only central enterprise in China's power transmission and distribution industry under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.On May 6,2009,with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce,Xidian Company was officially renamed xd group Company of China and the group was also approved to be referred to as"xd group".
      Siemens-Siemens is a large international company with operations in more than 190 countries and about 600 factories,research and development centers and sales offices worldwide.The company's business is mainly concentrated in six areas:information and communication,automation and control,electricity,transportation,medical system and lighting.Siemens has 13 business groups responsible for its global operations,including Siemens Financial Services Limited and Siemens Real Estate Asset Management Group.In addition,Siemens has two joint ventures-Bosch-Siemens Home Appliances Group and Fujitsu Siemens Computer(Holdings)Company.
      ABB-ABB Group is one of the top 500 companies in the world,with its headquarters in Zurich,Switzerland.ABB was formed by the merger of Sweden's Arcia Company(ASEA)and Switzerland's BBC Brown Boveri in 1988,two international companies with a history of more than 100 years.The two companies were established in 1883 and 1891 respectively.ABB is a leading manufacturer in the field of power and automation technology.ABB's technology can help power,utilities and industrial customers improve their performance while reducing their adverse impact on the environment.ABB Group has operations in more than 100 countries with 117,000 employees and sales of US$32 billion in 2009.
      Schneider-Schneider Electric Company,with its famous three major electric brands in the world,has developed four major markets:energy and infrastructure,industry,architecture and residential buildings by providing customers around the world with perfect solutions,a full range of products and components and considerate services.These leading brands in the world include-Meilanzhilan,American businessman Shikuai Electric Power and TE Electric Appliance,as well as powerful localized brands and electrical brands that are widely recognized in their respective fields and have become leading brands.
      Chint Electric-Chint Electric Co.,Ltd.is a controlling subsidiary of Chint Group Co.,Ltd.The company adheres to the development strategy of"internationalization,scientization and industrialization",vigorously carries out system innovation,scientific and technological innovation and management innovation,provides high-performance,intelligent and energy-saving electrical products and technical services for global users,and is committed to becoming a world-class provider of comprehensive solutions for low-voltage electrical appliances.
      Daquan Electric-Daquan Group(formerly known as Jiangsu Changjiang Electric Group)was established in 1965.It is a large state-level enterprise group engaged in high and low voltage complete sets of electric equipment,components,environmental protection,high-speed railway equipment,new materials(polysilicon and solar cells)and other industries.It has four major industrial bases in Yangzhong City,Jiangsu Province,Jiangning Development Zone,Wanzhou District,Chongqing,and Beijing High-tech Zone.Currently,there are 23 subsidiaries,7 of which are joint ventures with German Siemens,German Moeller,American Eaton,Swiss Saixue Long and Danish An Kai.
      TEPCO-TEPCO is the first listed company in China's transformer industry.It is a core backbone enterprise in China's major equipment manufacturing industry,an international general contractor for complete sets of electric power projects,and a major research and development,manufacturing and export base for China's transformers,wires and cables,new high-voltage electronic aluminum foil materials,and solar core control components.Having the right to operate foreign economic and technological cooperation and the qualification for construction of national foreign aid projects.Transformer production capacity exceeds 100 million kVA,ranking among the top three in the world.The company has set up nine modern industrial parks in Xinjiang,Sichuan,Hunan,Tianjin,Shandong,Liaoning,Shaanxi and other places,and has set up an industrial pattern of coordinated development of the three major industries,"with power transmission and transformation industry as the leading industry,new materials industry as the support,and new energy industry as the highlight."
      CLP Electric-The headquarters of CLP Electric Group Co.,Ltd.is located in Nanjing.Its predecessor was Jiangsu CLP Equipment Manufacturing Company,which was founded in 1990.It was restructured and formed into a group in 2003.So far,it has four major industries:power transformer,solar photovoltaic,insulation and protection materials,and complete sets of electrical equipment.It has 15 holding and wholly-owned subsidiaries.On May 18,2007,CLP Electric(Nanjing)Photovoltaic Co.,Ltd.was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange(stock code CSUN),becoming the first company listed in the United States in Zhenjiang and Nanjing.
      In addition,there are Delixi,CLP Electric,Harbin Electric,Emerson,Legrand,Xu Ji,EATON Eaton,PEOPLE's People,Tianwei,Wolong,Nanrui NARI,Guodian Nanzi,Xiangdian,siyuan electric,CSR Times Electric,Mitsubishi Mitsubishi,Toshiba,jiuzhou electric,Breakthrough TOP,Qian Chao,Huayi HEAG,HUAPENG Huapeng,Suntech Electric,Tianzheng TENGEN,Yingwei Teng and Northeast Electric are also very powerful and influential enterprises.Although Electric does not seem to be very close to our life,it is just not controlled by us.Therefore,I suggest that you have time to learn more.
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